Schedule and Pricing:

Tuesdays: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, first class this a Fall is September 16th

Style: Hatha Flow

Suggested donation: $5-$10

(a portion of all proceeds go to OutCentral)

About Tony Hollingsworth, Certified Yoga Instructor:

Tony learned early in his journey that yoga is much more than a physical practice alone. It is the path to a well body, a peaceful mind and a free spirit. Training and teaching have always been an important part of his life and he brings those skills to the mat each time he teaches.

In the spring of 2012 Tony received his 200 hour RYT certification through Kali Yuga Yoga in East Nashville. Tony is on staff at Kali Yuga Yoga teaching Vata (high NRG flow), Pitta (Focused Hot) and Kapha (Restorative) classes and at Hot Yoga of East Nashville teaching Power Flow Yoga. He continues his training through attending various workshops and private study.

Tony enjoys teaching because he enjoys learning. “Yoga is a never ending opportunity for growth, learning and liberation”. Tony encourages students to bring openness, awareness and non-judgment to their practices; to recognize where they are in their unique journey, build on it and move toward their potential. A sense of humor and positive energy help make his classes fun and inviting, providing students the opportunity to be challenged and focused while pursing their practice in a safe, light-hearted and free-spirited atmosphere.

Be Well, Be Peaceful, Be Free.